IDENOS FIDO Token is a Secure Element built-in two factor hardware authenticator designed for universal second Factor (U2F) standard hosted by the FIDO alliance.

With our FIDO U2F Security Key, user is allowed to physically authenticate to all U2F-enabled services and applications, requiring no additional software or drivers to install.
SecureMetric IDENOS FIDO U2F Security Key contains no batteries and works in chrome with all platforms(windows, Linux, MacOS

  • Multiple choices

    Designed for existing phones and computers, for many authentication modalities (keychain devices, mobile phone, fingerprint reader, etc.) and with different communication methods (USB, NFC, Bluetooth).

  • Interoperable

    Open standard backed by leading internet and financial services, including Google, Bank of America and 250 companies in the FIDO Alliance. U2F allows every service provider to be their own identity provider, or optionally let users authenticate through a federated service provider.

  • High privacy

    Allows users to choose, own and control their secure online identity. Each user can also choose to have multiple identities, including anonymous (no personal information associated with the identity). A U2F device generates a new pair of keys for every service, the public key is only stored on the specific service it connects to. With this approach no secrets are shared among service providers, and even low-cost U2F devices can support any number of services.

  • Strong security

    Strong two-factor authentication, using public key crypto and with native support in the browser (starting with Chrome). Protects against phishing, session hijacking, man in the middle, and malware attacks.

  • Easy to use

    Works out-of-the-box, enabling instant authentication to any number of services.
    No codes to re-type and no drivers to install.

  • Electronic identity

    For services requiring a higher level of identity assurance, services are being developed, both online and in the physical world, for tying your U2F device to your real identity.

  • Cost-efficient

    Service providers do not have to take the cost and support of secure distribution of U2F devices. Users can choose from a range of low-cost devices from multiple vendors. SecureMetric offers free and open source server software for back-end integration.